Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: October 2020

Well, well, well! It’s certainly been a month hasn’t it– odd. Hey, everyone, Kitaro here with October’s Monthly Status Report! Firstly as you have probably already noticed– Alka Translations when through a bit of a redesign! And yes, there is a reason outside of just wanting to. We decided it was about time that we separated our theming from the works we work on and have an image that isn’t, for lack of a better term, ripping another logo off!… READ MORE

*OUTDATED* Regarding the Release of Miazora Fine Days

Hello everyone, Kitaro here again!

One of the big questions that will probably be asked is “When will Fine Days come out?” We’ve never really touted a firm release date nor rather discussed the patch development itself. So this post will be here to explain the plan with the project going forward.

This project has been quite the roller coaster in the technical department!… READ MORE

An Important Announcement

Hello everyone, Kitaro here!

As you will probably notice in the coming days/weeks. There was a massive change that recently happened to Alka Translations internally and it needs to be addressed. Due to a difference in the vision of the group between the staff and leadership in the long-term, a member has left. While this may come as a shock to many, believe me and the rest of the group when we say this was better in the long run.… READ MORE