Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: March 2022

Yo, yo~ Kitaro here~

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked here, huh? Life’s been pretty crazy lately, to say the least. But we’re still moving strong! Log is making consistent and steady work on Tsumugi Route, bringing it ever closer to the testing zone. Once it is in testing its a pretty clear shot until the end. On my end I plan on go through and test the true routes over the course of the next month to get ahead of things so starting in April I can begin work on editing what is already TL’d of Kud Wafter. I am excited as the release window for Reflection Blue seems ever closer, even if it is still months away at the current moment! Please look forward to its eventual release.

In regards to other projects such as Aonatsu Line, while not officially cancelled we have run into intense engine trouble over the months that have forced the project to basically be in an eternal state of not-starting-ness. We hope eventually we can get the scripts decompiled and recompiled so that we can eventually begin work, however, until then parts of the team have shifted their work towards other projects that have yet to be announced yet, and will not be until they are released, so please look forward to that as the time comes.

Finally, in regards to the Summer Pockets Side Stories, as I have been woefully behind on these for quite a bit now, I am glad to say they are not a forgotten project. As part of my final duties for finishing up Reflection Blue I’ll be finishing up and releasing the final SS’s all in one final wave the moment I finish Ryouichi’s SS, so expect that in the next month or so, as life begins to stabilize for me again.

I thank you all for your incredible patience as you wait for this project and we look forward to seeing your support once these projects release~! This is Kitaro signing off~

5 thoughts on “Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: March 2022

  1. Mendosan64 says:

    Always nice to see you Kitaro good to know that the Side Stories and Kud wafter have not been forsaken really can’t wait come on Log finish soon

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