New Team, New Projects: LOOPERS, Lunar, and Porter Translation Announcement

Hello, hello, hello~ Kitaro here with quite a bit of news today regarding some changes happening in Alka Translation as of late! As you can probably notice by the new look of the website we rebranded lately and while that’s all well and good the reason for it was two-fold! One was just because we wanted to make the logo look a bit cleaner overall and I wanted to update the banner. But the second one was that it was a bit of a hint at something, which is what I’m here to talk about today~ So this change to the branding of Alka Translation was indicitive of an internal change within the team. While it doesn’t affect anything externally yet, it is an important one, Alka Translations has two teams now! Our original team, codenamed Crystal, is our team of Alka members who have been working hard on Reflection Blue and Kud Wafter, while our second team, codenamed Emerald, will be a new team, filled with largely new members, given some crossover. With Danshi, Bazett and I being the members that work in between both teams, Emerald Team will be a team that works separately from Crystal Team to work on separate projects from them!

I’ll still have most of the roles I already play in Alka, same with Danshi. Bazett, on the other hand, is now an editor on this new team! After spending so much time testing for us she’s always been one of our most reliable members and I am so happy to have her as an editor now! New to the team is Platy, joining as a last minute tester for Reflection Blue she quickly accepted joining Emerald Team as an editor! And last but certainly not least our new member Lucia, our first tester for the team! A massive key fan himself, he’s super excited to be working with Alka, and I really look forward to working with him!

Now if you notice we are a bit on the smaller side of the staff and we realize that, and that’s where you could come in! Firstly we are looking for someone who wants to be a dedicated translator for this team, since while I can TL I’ve also got multiple other roles on the team, so having someone who is only a translator would be a MASSIVE help for us! Secondly, we are definitely short a couple testers, so of course if you would like to test out Emerald Team’s future projects then, by all means, apply to be a tester in the Google Docs below!

Now what is a team without any projects to apply themselves to? Well, fortunately, there has been quite a bit in the works for the team since it’s conception about a month ago! And if you’ve been paying attention to the banner background you’ll already know what it is! That’s right we’re doing LOOPERS! But not just that, we want to do all 3 of the new Key Kinetic novels (LOOPERS, Porter, and Lunar) that are releasing soon! We’ll be working on a one-at-a-time basis as they release. I’ll be working on translating it until we get a dedicated Translator and our current editors will be editing it. We are super excited for the new team and these new projects so I hope you support us in our endeavors. (If an official translation ever is announced before we release our patch for any of these projects, just know we are halting all endeavors to translate that specific project.)

Now here is a chance to get to know some of the newer team members~

“Hey everyone, it’s Baz here! I’ve greatly enjoyed testing for Alka on Angel Beats and Summer Pockets – I’m still QAing away on Reflection Blue right now. My tester copy was even briefly haunted… Oh, Siglus. I’m very excited to get to grips with my new role as editor! Kitaro and Danshi are two talented, wonderful Alka members and I can’t wait to get to know our new members Platy and Lucia better (interested in translating or testing? It could be you, too!) and continue on Alka’s work and passion for Key, together. Thank you all for your support until now, and I hope you’ll support Emerald Team! Mugyu out~” – Bazzet

“Hi everyone! Lucia here, and I’ve recently joined Alka Translations Emerald team as a tester. I’ve been a Visual Novel Reader for a long time now and particularly enjoy those by Key. A certain straight-laced Class Rep may come to mind as my favorite character, but hey, no prizes for guessing who. ( ^ . ~ ) I’ll also be handling some of the site announcement work so feel free to say “Hi” if you see me around!” – Lucia

“Nice to meet you, I’m Platy, an awkward but very friendly platypus happy to be here! Key has such a dedicated fanbase that I am grateful to be a part of, and getting to contribute my abilities to help make their amazing content more accessible to read in another language is an honor! I started off as a tester for Summer Pockets Reflection Blue (which is amazing btw, can’t stop reading it). However for Team Emerald I’ll be functioning as an editor, and I am super excited for the projects we’ve got planned. Well I’ve blathered on enough, so, I’ll see y’all around~!” – Platy

And lastly I think we should mention that we are well aware that there is another Translation of LOOPERS happening, and our main reason for not halting our development of our patch is just that we’ve been working on it since the demo’s been out, and made quite a bit of a progress on it already. We didn’t want any of the work to go to waste so we decided to go through with it! Thank you for understanding, until next month with Emerald Team’s first monthly status report… Kitaro, out!

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5 thoughts on “New Team, New Projects: LOOPERS, Lunar, and Porter Translation Announcement

    • Kitaro says:

      Hello~ Yeah that was what we were referring to at the end of the post! We’ve also been working on it since the demo came out and we didn’t want the work to go to waste, and it wouldn’t be the first time a Key work has multiple patches! Best of luck on yours, I look forward to seeing it finished!

  1. Neu says:

    Congrats on the new team! Really loving the new theme. I do have a question: what projects will we see coming from Team Emerald? Small scale?, large scale? Light novels/Visual Novels? mix and variety? (I Apologize if it comes out rude) If the answer is in the upcoming monthly status update then I’ll just wait for the surprise. Anyways, best of luck to everybody, you have my support!

    • Kitaro says:

      Emerald Team is pretty much just a second Alka, while right now admittedly the kinetic novels are relatively small scale to our previous endeavors, that doesn’t exclude us from having larger scale projects in the future! It’s all up to the team~

      In terms of LN vs VN or any of that, in a sense you could say that Prima Dolls is an LN almost, just on the web and all the people working on it are on Emerald Team as well. So the versatility is there. Who knows what the future holds!

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