Angel Beats! 1st Beat

Summer Pockets

You will need the boxed or download version of the game.

This Patch translates the complete game. Additionally, subtitles are added to the opening and ending themes.

The patch should be installed to your Angel Beats! 1st Beat directory. Make sure the file path is the 1st_beat folder inside the Angel Beats! folder. If you have the DLSite version of the game, the “Data” folder might be the one to install into. Whichever folder contains SiglusEngine.exe, Scene.pck and a bunch of other folders named g00 and koe, that’s where to install the patch. Make sure you have all 3 boxes (Translated Dialogue, Translated Images, Subtitled Videos) checked. Create Desktop Shortcut at the end, and using that shortcut to play, you should be good to go!

Download: AB_EN

Please do not refresh the site too often, as this can lead to increased traffic and may slow down the download or even render downloading impossible once it comes out.

Thank you for your patience!

We’ve whipped up a nice and easy guide on how to navigate DLSite and digitally purchase Angel Beats in this handy dandy PDF

A comprehensive (but not step-by-step, you’ll see why) guide is available right here! ABGuide_V2

Summer Pockets

Summer Pockets Side Stories from Key’s website, translated by Waffle, August, and Turbos!

Click here to read them!


Summer Pockets

You will need the steam version of the game, which you can download here.

This Patch adds subtitles to the opening and ending themes. The Alka route ending couldn’t be subbed because it is not a video file.

The patch should be installed to your Steam Summer Pockets directory.

Summer Pockets Subtitled Video Patch

In anticipation of Summer Pockets Reflection Blue, Key threw together a prologue booklet with tidbits about the featured heroines as well as a short story surrounding brand new character Kamiyama Shiki, and it’s been translated by our very own Ojive! You can view it with our PDF reader here or as a straight up PDF right here. We hope you enjoy it! Be careful though, as there’s some spoilers for the original Summer Pockets in here!

You can download the tools that are being used for the full game here.