Visual Novel English Patches

For a step by step guide to purchasing visual novels (and anything else, really!) from DLSite, please see this PDF

You will need the boxed or download version of the game. The download version can be purchased here. See the DLSite Purchase Guide if you need help figuring out how!

This patch translates the complete game. Two versions of the patch are available: one that adds subtitles to the opening and ending videos, and one that does not.


The patch should be installed in Reflection Blue’s main data folder. This folder will probably be titled ‘data,’ but it’s possible that the DLSite version of the game could have a slightly different structure! In any case, the folder you have to install the game to will contain these folders, so look for them for reference.


Once the patch is installed, be sure to launch the game using the shortcut that the patch creates! That shortcut will be configured to automatically run the game in administrator mode. Depending on where you installed the game, if you do not run it in admin mode you may end up unable to save your progress! If you encounter that error, just close the game and start it again with admin mode enabled.


If you encounter any other errors after installing the patch, we recommend starting with a fresh install of the game, preferably having run the installer in Japanese locale. Most issues people have getting the game running boil down to hiccups in the installation process, and starting fresh tends to be a quick and easy fix!


Finally, we’re written up a walkthrough for the game, which is available here.



Since historically initial demand for our patches has crashed our site with every patch we’ve released, we’ve decided to host the RB patch externally, at least for the first month or so! We’ve now added a version of the unsubbed patch hosted on our local server, listed behind the external downloads, but we’d like to request that you use the external download unless the Mega version doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, just to spare our bandwidth.


Since the subbed opening and endings result in a rather large file size, we’ve made two versions of this patch. For the full patch with the openings and endings subbed (~1.06gb), please use this patch:


Download: RB_EN (Mega)


…And if you have a slow internet connection or can’t download large files for whatever reason, click here for a version of the patch that includes everything except for the subbed videos (~171mb):


Download: RB_EN_NoSubs (Mega) RB_EN_NoSubs (Local)


Known issues with the patch that we can’t fix:
-Sometimes the text on the achievement pop-ins in the upper-right corner of the screen gets a little borked! Unfortunately, this is a system thing we can’t really do anything about.
-Certain 100% completion global save files seem to cause the fade-in to the true ending’s credits video to be skipped, causing the video and the audio to be unsynced! We have literally no idea why this happens, but if you use a 100% global save file for whatever reason, be sure to swap it out before you finish the true ending. This bug seems to be present in the Japanese release as well.
-The spacing of some of the text in Shimamon is a little weird! This is an unfortunately unavoidable result of the workarounds we had to go through to allow us to use more than, like, eight letters or something in the Shimamon names. Legibility occasionally had to be prioritized over aesthetics.


Baku – Tester, Village Idiot
Bazett – Tester, Editing Assistance
Dana – Tester
Danshi – Graphics Editor, Programmer
Kitaro – Editor (Miki & Shiki routes)
Log – Translator (Shizuku & Shiki routes), TL Smoothing (Common, Kamome, & Tsumugi), Delay Creator
Platy – Tester
Translator the Saito – Translator (Umi, Nomiki, & new Misc Events), TL Smoothing (Shiroha, Ao, Misc Events, Alka, & Pocket)
Shota-kun – Editing (Shizuku & Umi routes)
Smacko – Moral support

Original Summer Pockets Translation:
August99us, Draconyan, Turbos86

Special Thanks:
Janson (Summer Pockets Original Project Lead, technical assistance)




You will need the boxed or download version of the game.

This patch translates all character routes and images. It also adds in Hinami’s route for versions without it.

WARNING! Make sure you don’t have Hinami’s DLC already installed in your copy of Fine Days, unless it’s the Anniversary Edition of the game. Otherwise, the patch won’t work correctly.

Due to the complexity and fussiness of the patching process with Fine Days’ engine, there are three versions of the patch, and you will need to download and apply the appropriate one in order to patch the game.

Regardless of the version you’re using, unzip the downloaded patcher executable and place it in your Fine Days directory. It should be in the same directory as AdvHD.exe (in the data folder, in case your version has a data folder). Run the patcher from the said directory and it will walk you through the rest of the installation process.

If you are unsure which physical version of the game you own, navigate to the directory you’ll be installing the patch in (as described above). If a file called Chip7.arc is present, you should use the Anniversary Edition patch. If not, you should use the Regular Edition patch. If you bought the game from DLSite, use the DLSite Edition patch.

If you are patching a physical copy of the Regular Edition of Fine Days, use this patch:
Download: Miazora Fine Days Regular Edition Patch

If you are patching a physical copy of the Anniversary Edition of Fine Days, use this patch:
Download: Miazora Fine Days Anniversary Edition Patch

If you are patching a digital copy of Fine Days purchased from DLSite, use this patch:
Download: Miazora Fine Days DLSite Edition Patch

You can purchase a digital copy of Miazora: Fine Days from this (!NSFW!) DLSite page. For detailed instructions on how to purchase the game, please see our DLSite purchase guide, available in the top tab of this menu.

Known Isues:

1) The patch setup won’t launch, saying it can’t open the archive.

If you’re on Windows 10 ENG locale, please switch to JP locale. To run the game itself, you don’t need JP locale, but for the installer, it’s required. There’s an unusual bug on Windows 10 that doesn’t let the installer run when the system is set to ENG locale. On other Windows operating systems, it should work fine, regardless of the locale.

2) I have untranslated text in some sections of Saya and Korona’s routes.

This is a bug related to Hinami’s DLC. Our patch is aimed toward original, unpatched copies of Fine Days (either in download or hardcopy format). Make sure that the copy you have doesn’t have Hinami’s route DLC already installed, unless it’s the Anniversary Edition (in which case, you should use the patch for the Anniversary Edition).

Patch Update:

Apply this patch only after you’ve successfully installed the original patch for one of the three given editions. Unzip the downloaded patcher executable and place it in the same directory where you placed the original patcher, then run it from the said directory.

Download: Miazora Fine Days English Patch v1.1

English Patch v1.1 Changelog:

1) Translated the title bar and some untranslated text in the Text settings screen which weren’t covered by the original patch;

2) Numerous wordwrap and typo issues, as well as some other general text fixes.

Bishounen-P – Editor/Tester
Danshi – Images and technical assistance
Infernoplex – Patching and technical assistance
Kitaro – Editor
Log – Translator
NowItsAngeTime – Proofreading for patch v1.1
Rinny – H-scene & Orihime route editing
Translator the Saitou – Patching and image help

Summer Pockets

You will need the boxed or download version of the game.

This Patch translates the complete game. Additionally, subtitles are added to the opening and ending themes.

The patch should be installed to your Angel Beats! 1st Beat directory. Make sure the file path is the 1st_beat folder inside the Angel Beats! folder. If you have the DLSite version of the game, the “Data” folder might be the one to install into. Whichever folder contains SiglusEngine.exe, Scene.pck and a bunch of other folders named g00 and koe, that’s where to install the patch. Make sure you have all 3 boxes (Translated Dialogue, Translated Images, Subtitled Videos) checked. Create Desktop Shortcut at the end, and using that shortcut to play, you should be good to go!

If the installer refuses to run and displays an NSIS Error window instead, it’s possible that locale settings are messing it up in a mysterious way we can’t seem to reproduce ourselves. Running the installer in Japanese locale with a locale emulator seems to take care of the problem, though!

Download: AB_EN

You can purchase a digital copy of Angel Beats: 1st Beat from this DLSite page. For detailed instructions on how to purchase the game, please see our DLSite Purchase Guide, available in the top tab of this menu.

Summer Pockets

You will need the steam version of the game, which you can download here.

This Patch adds subtitles to the opening and ending themes of the original Summer Pockets. The Alka route ending couldn’t be subbed because it is not a video file.

The patch should be installed to your Steam Summer Pockets directory.

Summer Pockets Subtitled Video Patch

Other Downloads

Summer Pockets Side Stories from Key’s website, translated by Waffle, August, and Turbos!

**Our in-browser reader is currently out of order, but you can download the side stories in PDF form here!**









In anticipation of Summer Pockets Reflection Blue, Key threw together a prologue booklet with tidbits about the featured heroines as well as a short story surrounding brand new character Kamiyama Shiki, and it’s been translated by our very own Translator the Saitou! You can view it with our PDF reader here or as a straight up PDF right here. We hope you enjoy it! Be careful though, as there’s some spoilers for the original Summer Pockets in here!

A general guide/walkthrough is available right here! ABGuide_V2

Prima Dolls Short Novels by Key translated by Kitaro.


Chapter 1

More to come! 


You can download the tools that were used for the original Summer Pockets here.