Announcing: Prima Dolls Short Novel Translations!

Hey everyone, Kitaro here~

I’m here to announce a bit of something to maybe hold you all off a bit in the wait for Reflection Blue, as a bit of a side project to work on in the background I’ve picked up Translating the short “Kinetic Novel Lite” that Key’s been releasing on the Prima Dolls Website. Not many people know about the story of Prima Dolls but in all honesty it’s quite interesting, in my opinion! It’s sort of a mix of Key’s other Post-War stories but this time with a more optimistic and hopeful atmosphere. The characters are all very charming so far and it doesn’t seem like they are stopping with 3 Books completed and hopefully more to come! In regards to the voice acting that you see on the site: I will be working on seeing if there is any way to either get an HTML version of the stories up soon or adding them into the PDFs in an update, hopefully.

Releases might be a bit spread out because it is a side project but I hope you look forward to seeing them complete eventually! Check out the Downloads page for Book I, Chapter 1: “Anpan and the Auto-Doll.” and you’ll be seeing stuff from me regarding our other projects very soon!

– Kitaro~

3 thoughts on “Announcing: Prima Dolls Short Novel Translations!

  1. Michael says:

    Yo, thanks for translating! But uh, I think you guys got her name wrong. Isn’t 灰桜 supposed to be Haizakura (はいざくら)?

    • Kitaro says:

      Whoops! This is 100% my bad, since when looking at the Hirigana on the image for the laptop I mistook my ざ for a さ! I’ll make an updated version later tonight and fix it though. (Plus Haizakura herself pronounces her name with a very soft ‘z’ so I never noticed.)

      • Michael says:

        Haha yeah, I thought that might’ve been the case but it’s a bit weird that none of the QCers noticed though. Anyway thanks again for translating! Looking forward to reading the next chapter 🙂

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