An Important Announcement

Hello everyone, Kitaro here!

As you will probably notice in the coming days/weeks. There was a massive change that recently happened to Alka Translations internally and it needs to be addressed. Due to a difference in the vision of the group between the staff and leadership in the long-term, a member has left. While this may come as a shock to many, believe me and the rest of the group when we say this was better in the long run.

In this disconnect between leadership and staff we have decided that there will be no set leader of the group, rather all of us as a team guiding our path to the future. This means while this is mostly an internal change you will see some changes externally as well. In a bout of transparency we are now all going to post on the blog at some point allowing for us, as a team to be the voice and face of Alka Translations. This does not change any of our projects and we will still be moving forward as normal, we hope you understand and we thank you for the support thus far.

  • Sincerely, Kitaro

P.S. We do have a personal note from Rinny:

“Hey all! Rinny here. The time has come for me to say goodbye to Alka. Don’t worry, everyone else is staying, so the translations and all that are still in perfectly good hands. I might be leaving the team, but I’m not leaving the community. I’m still as excited for what these guys are doing as you all are.

I’d like to profess my thanks and appreciation for all the members, past and present, for not only letting me be a part of something as fun as translation projects, but for allowing me to actively take part in and impact a community that I care more about than any other. For all the bumps and snags, it’s been a fun ride all in all.

I won’t make this a big long post like when I got all emotional finishing Summer Pockets at the beginning of the year, so I’ll wrap things up by lastly thanking all of you guys, our readers and supporters (cliche bookclub finisher, much?) as you guys were a huge part in what made all this so fun for me. The pleasure was truly all mine.

Please look forward to what Alka Translations has in store! This is Rinny, signing off. Naisu jobbu!”

9 thoughts on “An Important Announcement

  1. Tomboy says:

    got my hopes up for fine days !! jokin’ aside its nice to have transparency about these kind of things, thank ya guys.

  2. KDHR Potato says:

    Does Rinny have a Twitter? It’s a shame that he will not continue with you guys. I really liked his twitts.

  3. Datenshi says:

    Personally, I had some issues with the way he was leading Alka, but I would rather want him to change his point of view about certain things than having him leave the group. In any case, I’m looking foward to see more of you guys posting here on the blog and on twitter.

  4. Ren says:

    I really appreciate the transparency. It’s sucks that things had to happen like this, but I’m glad that it was talked about and that something was done for everyone’s sake.
    I think it’s important to work these things out even though it may not be something that anyone would want to have happen.
    I think for me, I always thought Alka as a group and didn’t realize before today that there was even a leader. Seeing this falls in line with how I’ve always perceived Alka as anyway. I really appreciate the team, what you are doing, and think you are all awesome. It’s definitely not wasted on this fan of yours!


    • Log says:

      Thank you very much for your support. This entire ordeal has been stressful for all of us, assuming I may speak for them, but we’re very excited and optimistic for the future.

  5. Dante012 says:

    From my experience with engineering projects, leadership is important. Many people like to view leaders as manipulative pricks who want power and don’t care about the project they lead. It’s a completely cliché vision, sometimes true, but often delusional and far from reality. Leadership is necessary because a project can easily go downhill without a proper direction.

    That said, I hope it won’t affect Alka Translation. You’ve been doing a great job up until now, and I trust you guys to keep doing that! I just want to make sure you are aware of how a project can easily fall off rails when it has no proper direction. Unlike what a certain amount of politicians want people to believe, democracy is not always the way to go…

    But hey, at least it seems the parting was peaceful! It’s good to know.

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