Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: November 2020

Hello once again! It is I, Translator the Saitou, and I come bearing Alka’s November update post!

…Which, to be brutally honest, would be really short if I only talked about what got done this month on the translation/editing side of things, because circumstances conspired to smack pretty much all of us in the face with the reality stick.… READ MORE

Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: October 2020

Well, well, well! It’s certainly been a month hasn’t it– odd. Hey, everyone, Kitaro here with October’s Monthly Status Report! Firstly as you have probably already noticed– Alka Translations when through a bit of a redesign! And yes, there is a reason outside of just wanting to. We decided it was about time that we separated our theming from the works we work on and have an image that isn’t, for lack of a better term, ripping another logo off!… READ MORE

Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: September 2020

Greetings, all! Translator the Saitou here with Alka’s September update, because yes, August is apparently already over! I’m not entirely sure when that happened but I’m just gonna roll with it.

First and foremost, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate the Fine Days team for an astonishingly smooth release! Considering how many technical challenges were involved in getting that game out I’m genuinely impressed by how little troubleshooting’s had to happen, and judging by the access logs on our downloads page quite a lot of people are trying it out, too!… READ MORE

A Sky Full of Stars: Fine Days Translation Patch Released

FINALLY here we are at the end of this complete mess of a road. Firstly, of course, we’re incredibly sorry for how long this has taken and how many expectations we doused. But we promised it would come, so it has come. And in the time it took for that, I’ve somehow grown to the point where I look back at this with much scrutiny and doubt as to whether my early translation decisions deserve to see the light of day.… READ MORE

A Followup on the Fine Days Release

Hey all!

We come with some sudden, but unfortunately necessary, news. To cut to the chase: The Fine Days patch will be delayed. AdvHD is a fickle mistress and we’ve encountered a patch-breaking bug that will require thorough addressing to set straight. A majority of our issues have centered around Hinami and the strange nature of her files.… READ MORE

Log’s Under-qualified General Opinions and Thoughts on Translation

Yo weebs, it’s me Log. I’m the nerd who translated like 5% of Angel Beats 1st Beat (The Noda, Hinata, Fujimaki, and Ooyama map meetings, plus the Hisako mini-arc to be specific), as well as aaaaallll of Miazora Fine Days. So what that means is I have little authority on this subject, but I’m going to talk about it anyway because I love it.… READ MORE

Angel Beats Post-Mortem: Part 1/4

An overview and The Nickname Thing

Hello! Translator the Saitou here! You might know me from my work on Angel Beats: 1st Beat, and oh goodness am I still traumatized from the experience. This will be the first installment in a four(?) part series in which I’ll be going over the precise details of how and why Angel Beats drove us all absolutely up the wall over the course of our time working on it.… READ MORE

*OUTDATED* Regarding the Release of Miazora Fine Days

Hello everyone, Kitaro here again!

One of the big questions that will probably be asked is “When will Fine Days come out?” We’ve never really touted a firm release date nor rather discussed the patch development itself. So this post will be here to explain the plan with the project going forward.

This project has been quite the roller coaster in the technical department!… READ MORE