Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: October 2020

Well, well, well! It’s certainly been a month hasn’t it– odd. Hey, everyone, Kitaro here with October’s Monthly Status Report! Firstly as you have probably already noticed– Alka Translations when through a bit of a redesign! And yes, there is a reason outside of just wanting to. We decided it was about time that we separated our theming from the works we work on and have an image that isn’t, for lack of a better term, ripping another logo off! So we took the time to make a new, original logo and basically just get a new look for ourselves, and it does look pretty nice if I do say so myself.

Second order of business, and actually the last for this month. Reflection Blue! That’s basically been all that’s been happening this month but I guess now is a better time than ever to talk a bit more about everything going on with it. As you could see we did indeed reach 100% Translated this month with Shiki’s Route capping off the translating of the new content, fitting considering she’s the cover girl! With that that meant that editing needed to start up soon– as you can see by the chart editing has DEFINITELY ramped up with Nomiki and Shizuku already being 100% edited and ready for testing, Umi and Shiki soon to start! We’ve got our tester patch running and working and the testers are already hard at work. Last thing is that Translator the Saito and Log have begun their smoothing over of the Original Summer Pockets Translation, making everything nice and consistent, all around the board.

The bugs that plagued Shimamon back in the original Summer Pockets patch have finally been resolved, and boy was it hell. We were this close to having to scrap the Shimadex in its entirety, but with some fancy Saito magic, we’ve managed to save it. Various nonsensical issues with spacing and misaligned text nearly ruined our lives, but our workaround (involving a ton of spaces and line breaks per Shimamon name) managed to salvage it all. Is it the weirdest, duct-tape fix ever conceived? Well yeah, but this is a Key game. It wouldn’t be one without weird, duct-tape fixes. And hey, it’s a fix!

Now for a bit of a side note– there was one more thing that got edited this month that we’d like to talk about– absolute MONSTER that was Shimapong. ‘What is this mode?’ you might ask, well… good question it’s a bit of a chaotic mess. It’s basically the Table Tennis Minigame taken up to an 11 with a fully fleshed out, island-wide tournament. Between unique playstyles for each of the characters you go up against, insane special attacks that are just as hysterical as they are intimidating to go against, goofy as ever dialogue the entire mode is just a surreal blast to experience. It even ends with a doubles match with team members of your choosing, which all have unique team names and dialogue– seriously, if you ever just need a diversion from the routes try the mode out, you won’t regret it.

Other than that… that’s about it for this month! It was really mostly just Reflection Blue! Look forward to more updates soon! Good Day~!-Kitaro

8 thoughts on “Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: October 2020

  1. Vecroza Denziba says:

    Awesome bro, just awesome. You guys work so hard that i cant believe its already 100% in short time. Thumbs up for you guys. Cant wait to see and explore the new map 😮

  2. Hibarign says:

    You guys never cease to amaze me. Congratulations. Off Topic – Infernoplex is the same that are working in Noratoto restoration patch?

    • Infernoplex says:

      I am involved with Noratoto Restoration group, but more like a cheerleader than anything else. I didn’t really do much to help them, sadly. Actually, the same could be said about my involvement with Alka. My help here was limited to only Fine Days. I had 0 involvement with Angel Beats, Summer Pockets, and Reflection Blue projects.

      • hibarign says:

        I’m sure you’re doing what you can, keep it up. Must be fun look at the insides of different VN fan translation groups, you can learn so many things.

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