*OUTDATED* Regarding the Release of Miazora Fine Days

Hello everyone, Kitaro here again!

One of the big questions that will probably be asked is “When will Fine Days come out?” We’ve never really touted a firm release date nor rather discussed the patch development itself. So this post will be here to explain the plan with the project going forward.

This project has been quite the roller coaster in the technical department! With multiple game breaking issues popping up throughout the process between getting the text to work, images to appear properly, and getting the Hinami DLC Route to work. This made the entire process a more touchy project than it was ever intended. Between this and some personal issues it’s only fair for me to be transparent to those patiently waiting for the patch. There will be a delay, but fear not: There is a release date! July 16th will be the day A Sky Full of Stars -Fine Days- gets released, edited and all! As much as I would like to work on getting it out sooner, I’d rather take the extra time to make a more polished product, I hope you understand and enjoy the translation when it’s released! Thank you for your time reading this and I hope you all have a wonderful day

  • Regards, Kitaro

9 thoughts on “*OUTDATED* Regarding the Release of Miazora Fine Days

  1. Tennouji Kotarou says:

    One thing I’m goanna miss is Rinny’s monthly update blogs.
    Anyway good to know it didn’t affect the whole team. And thanks for being transparent about it. Good luck and stay safe.

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