Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: January 2021

Janurary 2020 Status Report (Happy New Years!!)

Well, well, well hello everyone, Kitaro here with the good ‘ol “Woah it’s a new year!” post!

This month has actually been pretty busy here at Alka Translations, so we’ll get all our progress reports out of the way first; starting off with Nomiki’s Route. The route is now 100% translated, edited, AND tested meaning, along with Shizuku, that’s ~50%+ of Reflection Blue’s new routes complete! As far as the old content is concerened we are about 1/3rd of the way through the translation smoothing and progress is steady with both Kamome and Shiraha’s Routes moving steady! With Shiki’s Route, I’ll be wrapping that up within the month and it’ll be ready for testing as soon as that is finished, making it the final part of Reflection Blue’s new content finished editing-wise!

Now onto something a bit off-topic but in relation to progress: the website. As many of you have probably experienced the website has had some issues with a potentially malicious redirect that would appear depending on how you accessed it. We’ve tried to fix that with shutting off all of our plugins, however if the issue does still seem to be persistent so just know we are still working on sorting that out!

And now, onto the fun stuff– roadmaps! With the 2021 rolling it’s time to give a bit of an update on the direction of Alka Translation heading into this new year! We hope to have Reflection Blue out by the first quarter of 2021. While this is likely we would like to point out that we have very real lives and that is not a hard promise. So just keep that in mind until more concrete release details come. We’ve still got Old Content to smooth out, subtitling videos, and testing to do before we are ready to release it. As far as other things, soon after Reflection Blue editing work slows down we’ll be working toward finishing and releasing the Summer Pockets Side Stories, so expect those sometime within the first quarter of 2021 as well. (Wow the first quarter is a really good time for Summer Pockets fans if everything goes well~) After Reflection Bue we will wipe the dust off the Kud Wafter translation and finish that, more concrete details as far as progress with that will come at a later time.

And with that… well that’s pretty much 2021’s plans at the moment! So given it’s a new year I feel it is only fitting to look back at the year 2020. So I’ve gathered a series of quotes from most of the staff. I’ll get mine out of the way though since I’m already typing it– 2020 has been one of the most absolutely insane years for me and honestly it’s been both the worst and the best in that regard. While the year itself sucked I cannot be more grateful for the chance I got when I first hopped onto Alka Translations at the start of year. It awakened a passion in me I didn’t know I had, gave me something to push through many hard days with and gave me a direction in life I’d been trying to find for awhile. All and all between Angel Beats, Miazora Fine Days and now Reflection Blue I couldn’t be happier with where I am at now! I look forward to what the future brings and I thank you all for supporting our work, it really means a lot to me! Now to our other staff:

“Heyo! Currently busy using every second of my break from work-work to work on Shiroha’s route, and it’s coming along nice and fast! That said, as of this post getting posted I’ll have actual responsibilities again so I’m afraid you shouldn’t expect the past half week’s progress sprint to continue. Once Shiroha’s done I’ll be moving on to Alka/Pocket, which should go a fair bit quicker than the past two routes on account of the original translator’s style bearing an almost uncanny resemblance to my own, and then I’ll be diving into the Other files (AKA Shimamon hell). Then, finally, I get to polish off Kud!

Tl;dr who needs to write a heartfelt retrospective when you have an obsessive and borderline unhealthy work ethic! Oh, and happy new year or whatever I guess.” -TL the Saitou

“Wow, 2020 kind of sucked. But it was also one of the biggest years in my life. Why? I’unno. I’m just a log, don’t interrogate me. I get stumped easily.
I’m chugging at Kamome when time (and mental weariness) allows, and then I move on to Tsumugi (seems only fitting after I translated the boobs herself, right?). Don’t worry. Soon will come the time you all join me in the Cult of Shiki.
Anyway, 2021’s gonna be a quiet but exciting year and I’m looking forward to it.

And no, I’m not apologizing for the pun.” -Log

“Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” – Smacko

“Oppai” – Shouta

5 thoughts on “Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: January 2021

  1. Nero says:

    Since you guys don’t have anything in mind after finish working with Kud Wafter, do you have any interest in translating Cradles Tale?

    Keep up the good work and happy new year!

    • Translator the Saitou says:

      At this point, everything post-Kud is so up in the air that we don’t want to make any promises or implications and get people’s hopes up for any particular project! We’ve always operated on the basis of taking on projects that we’re personally passionate about, and passion’s kind of hard to pin down months ahead of time.

      Long story short: we’re not ready to talk about anything post-Kud yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

      (All that said, in a speaking-for-myself-and-not-for-Alka-as-a-whole capacity, I haven’t actually played Rewrite so translating Cradles Tale’s pretty much off the table for me personally)

    • Translator the Saitou says:

      The SPRB table is for the entirely new RB content, while the old content table’s for the routes that were present in the original game! Our translation of the original game was 100% complete, but counting Log and I there’ve been five translators involved in the project over the course of several years, so we’re going over all the old stuff and making sure everything matches up in terms of style and character voice.

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