Q: I’m interested in one of your fan translations, can you give me the visual novel?

A: Nope! Any visual novel we ever translate, we will not distribute in any way. We’ll link you to ways to acquire it legally no problem, we want to support the developers as much as we can. After all, without them, we wouldn’t have a VN to translate in the first place.

Q: If enough people suggest you translate a visual novel, will you do it?

A: Almost certainly not. While we wholeheartedly appreciate you guys trusting us enough to want us to translate your favorite works, we’re in the business of translating the work we want to translate. To put it frank, this is hard work, and time consuming work. We won’t be around forever. So we want to get the stuff we want to Western audiences first and foremost, before time or desire escape us.

Q: That’s a lot of articles to sift through, can I get a rundown of what you guys are currently working on?

A: Sure! Right now we’re working on Kud Wafter and Summer Pockets Reflection Blue, as well as the fandisc to A Sky Full Of Stars, Fine Days.

Q: I’m really excited for something you’re working on. I want to be a tester/join the translation team!

A: If a position opens up as either a tester or part of the translation team, you can find out via the staff blog or @alkatranslation on Twitter if/when we’re recruiting.

Q: I’m having a problem with one of your translation patches, how can I get help?

A: You can drop a comment on any of our articles here, or you can shoot us a tweet/direct message on Twitter @alkatranslation and we’ll get back to you. Twitter will get a faster response, though, thanks to mobile notifications as well as the presence of more staff members.

Q: I love you guys and would like to donate to your efforts to show my appreciation!

A: That’s great! We do have a Ko-Fi if you’d like to do so. It’s purely if you want to express appreciation, though. There’s no rewards or benefits or incentives or pay wall content, but we’ll gladly accept if you’re willing!

Q: Do you guys have a community center, like a Discord server I could join?

A: We do! Big important updates will still be posted here, and smaller more casual things will still go on our Twitter, but we’ll be sure to keep the important stuff posted in our Discord as well. You can join here.