Alka Translations Status Report: May 2023

Hello, everyone! Saitou here with a, err, very overdue update/sign of life!

It’s been quite a long while since our last update, and an awful lot’s happened in the intervening months. The bad news, unfortunately, is that all that stuff happened in our personal lives, and did an extremely effective job of preventing us from doing much on this end of the equation. The lack of updates was on account of the fact that, very simply, there just wasn’t much to update you all on aside from our continued, vague-for-the-purposes-of-privacy quest to carve out some actual free time again.

The good news is that free time has, to an extent, been carved out on my end! Things are finally calming down for me to the point that I will—assuming no disasters—have the time to start progressing on Kud Wafter’s translation again in the very near future! I’ll be keeping our progress tracker on this site updated in real time, and—again, barring disaster—once those numbers start moving upward, I hope to keep them trending in that direction. Just to set expectations realistically, I am still in a fairly busy place and I don’t anticipate gigantic progress jumps every single day, buuuuut there’s also not that much of the game left and I’m as excited as all of you are to see it get in your hands, so I’ll do what I can!

That’s about all I have to say for the moment. We just wanted to make sure you all know that we are still alive, and are as intent as ever on getting this translation to you as soon as we can manage! Later for now!

4 thoughts on “Alka Translations Status Report: May 2023

  1. J says:

    Ahhh!! I’m so glad to hear it didn’t get abandoned for good, I was worried everyone just got too busy to continue work on it– super looking forward to when it eventually releases!

  2. Spit-Shine says:

    We all bleed red. You, I, and everyone else. We are happy to hear from you. I wish you nothing but the best. May your future be filled with joyful and fulfilling days. Good luck and Thanks for reaching out to us. Much appreciated!

  3. Flo says:

    Great to hear that you are still active! As a big fan of your team, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the time and effort you have put into creating such high-quality visual novels translations! Thanks to your team’s dedication and hard work, fans like me are able to enjoy stories that we wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Really, I truly appreciate it!

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