Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: September 2020

Greetings, all! Translator the Saitou here with Alka’s September update, because yes, August is apparently already over! I’m not entirely sure when that happened but I’m just gonna roll with it. First and foremost, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate the Fine Days team for an astonishingly smooth release! Considering how many technical READ MORE

An Important Announcement

Hello everyone, Kitaro here! As you will probably notice in the coming days/weeks. There was a massive change that recently happened to Alka Translations internally and it needs to be addressed. Due to a difference in the vision of the group between the staff and leadership in the long-term, a member has left. While this READ MORE

Alka Translations Is Looking For Feedback

Hey all, just a small post since I know some of you tend to exclusively keep up with us through this here site. We’re looking for a bit of feedback, so if you’d like to fill out this short survey, it’d be greatly appreciated! Hope you’re enjoying Angel Beats!