23 thoughts on “Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: June 2022

  1. J says:


  2. Marius says:

    Finaly !! Tsumugi was hard ! Thanks for all your work for SMPRB. I’m exited to be able to read this soon !

    Mugyu !

  3. XeXe says:

    MUGYUUU!!! been here since the beginning and its crazy how consistent you guys have been, cudos to all the work put in <3

  4. Za says:

    You finally did it !
    I have been following since the first SMP TL and i honestly really proud of you guys.
    Keep rockin !

  5. Andrew says:

    So stoked!
    Now I have to figure out why Locale Emulator isn’t working. But I cannot wait to finally read Reflection Blue!

  6. bunny says:

    I’ve been waiting for this!!! I’ve dreamed of this!

    Thank you again wholeheartedly for all the hard work that was put into this for us.

    Any projected ETA release date by chance?

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