Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: January 2022

Hello, everyone! Saitou here, wishing you a happy new year and bringing all the latest updates on Alka’s doings over the past month!

To start with, a followup on a certain promise I made in our previous status report: my plans to take a week and really bash out the script porting/self editing for Kud! In short, it worked out pretty well! Distractions and disasters kept me from getting as much finished up as I was hoping to, but in spite of that I was able to knock out a solid 10k lines worth of the workload. The 18+ version is now well on its way!

My prospective timeline for the project remains pretty much the same, for the moment. First up is to finish the porting/self editing process on the rest of the 18+ files, then self-edit the AA exclusive files I already finished before I pivoted to RB, then either wrapping up the AA version in the hopes of putting it out early or going back and piecing together all the extra bits from the 18+ version that haven’t been translated yet.

I’m leaning towards the former option, at the moment—having a completed AA version early on will definitely speed things along on
the editing and testing front, and since sex scenes are always a slog to translate it should result in a much sooner release than if
I were to force myself back into the 18+ exclusive content before finishing up those last few shared files. I think that this will
be the most beneficial plan for everyone (except future Saitou, who will be damned to a purgatory of translating nothing but the sex
bits all in a row, but that’s his problem, not mine).

Re: RB, progress remains slow but real! Sickness spoiled some of our members’ plans to work through a solid chunk of Tsumugi over the holidays, but we’re still pushing through and hope to have it to you as soon as our schedules allow! That said, Kitaro has some unfortunate news re: the Prima Dolls translation. Swapping over to Kitaro-mode now!

Due to many personal reasons I cannot get into in a public setting circumstances for me have changed to where I need to scale myself back on the amount of projects I am working on/will work on. With that being said I am still committed to Reflection Blue and Kud Wafter until they are completed, however, after that is all said and done I will be done working on translation work/editing work for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, this mean projects like Prima Dolls will stay right where they are at unless someone else wants to pick it up and translate it. I hope you understand and I am deeply sorry about this news, however, please look forward to what’s to come from Alka!

(Note: This has nothing to do with Emerald Team as they function separately from myself. They are going through their own developmental issues with both of their works, however, so they will bring an update when they actually have something to show.)

…And, back to Saitou! That said, I don’t have much else in the way of specific news left to deliver. Our plans for January are to keep chipping away at Kud and Tsumugi as much as time allows, and we’ll keep you updated on any new or exciting developments as they happen!

Last but not least, again, happy new year! Here’s hoping that this year will be a hell of a lot better than the last two were!

9 thoughts on “Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: January 2022

  1. bunny says:

    I had a dream last night that RB’s translation patch was 100% complete, which is why the second I woke up, I checked this website to see if it was true. 😛

  2. anon says:

    @Kud Wafter: Just my opinion but I’d prefer no AA release before 18+ is done.
    1. I want to sex Kud so I don’t care about AA
    2. Releasing something might get you a C&D by Visual Arts = no sex with Kud
    3. You release the AA version and for whatever reason drop the 18+ version = no sex with Kud
    So I’d rather you wait to release everything because I’d rather there’s no release than only AA. Still bitter about Little Busters Ecstasy. At least Tomoyo After had the fan translation…

    @Summer Pockets: I’ve wanted to ask this for the longest time: Is there save compatibility between SP:RF and original SP? Like, if I read SP now, can I use that save later to read RF and skip all previously read lines?
    I’ve been waiting to read my SP release copy for so long (3 years, right?) and getting impatient lol. But I don’t want to read the entire thing twice so if no save comp. I’ll wait until you finish or Key surprise us. Kinda hate that they released SP globally AFTER announcing RF.

    Happy New Year and good luck with your projects.

    • Translator the Saitou says:

      We’ll take those points into consideration! And re: save compatibility, I’m afraid to say that nah, we tried that and the saves are totally incompatible from game to game

  3. Pslyse says:

    Roughly how long do you think the wait for RB will take, not that I’m trying to rush you or anything, but I was hoping to play it over the summer like I did with the original version a few years ago.

    • Translator the Saitou says:

      Since the main things standing in the way of the patch’s completion are just our members’ personal circumstances, real-world business and a hilarious sequence of disasters totally unrelated to the patch, that’s unfortunately pretty hard to predict! I’d be surprised and disappointed if we aren’t able to get the game out by summer, but given how many unpredictable obstacles we’ve had crop up so far I don’t want to make any super specific predictions.

      So, tl;dr if everything goes smoothly and we have no disasters I’d think the patch would be out before summer, but everything going smoothly with no disasters has historically proven less than likely, so no promises!

  4. Cold says:

    I’d personally prefer the AA version of KW first, especially if TLing sex scenes is a slog like you say it is, I’d much rather get the AA sooner rather than wait longer for the full version. Just me personally though, wanted to get an opinion out there

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