Tsumugi Route Translation Complete

Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to announce that as of a few hours ago, the Tsumugi route is now 100% translated and is going into testing & editing! It will still be a little bit before the patch is done, as while the route is being tested and edited, the translator’s will be hard at work translating a selection of lines that change after the completion of a second route that we want to make sure are included along with the patch. I’ll go into more details regarding that in a future post when the patch officially is released.

But for now, the long part of the wait is done! The next time we talk, hopefully it’ll be to tell you that Tsumugi’s patch is all done! Thanks for patiently waiting, we’ll see you soon.

4 thoughts on “Tsumugi Route Translation Complete

  1. Dante012 says:

    I’ve just discovered Summer Pockets, so far I love it! I couldn’t play it without your translation (I don’t expect the official translation to happen in a while), thank you very much! I hope you’ll get through the entire game, I tried following it without english subtitles but I’m just not good enough in japanese 🙁 .

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