Alka Translations Is Looking For A Translator!

Hey all! We’re looking for a translator to work on a new project once Summer Pockets is all finished. We’re interested in someone diligent who takes their work seriously, is a native English speaker, and has a love of visual novels. If that sounds like you, we’ve got a few conditions we’re looking for!

  1. Be fluent. You don’t have to be the most elite of Japanese speaking experts, but we aren’t looking for someone who’s just looking to continue learning and improve and use us as another class, so to speak. We want someone confident in their understanding of Japanese.
  2. Be devoted. You don’t have to focus every single second of your spare time on translating, but we aren’t looking for someone who’s just going to want to casually work on translating from time to time whenever they feel like it. If there are deadlines, you need to be someone who will meet them. And you absolutely cannot be someone who will give up halfway.
  3. Be a team player. There will be multiple translators, but you will be doing most of the translating work on this. You must be willing to work together with the others as you proofread each other’s work, and be able to take feedback as well as give your own. As the main translator, you will ultimately have the final say, but it’s important to be level-headed and cooperative. We all share the same goal.
  4. Love what you do. Perhaps the most important condition of them all. If you aren’t having fun and enjoying yourself, this job is going to be much harder.

And that’s about it! Please understand, the list isn’t meant to be intimidating or function like some sort of big gate. We just want to showcase how much visual novels mean to us, how much this work means to us, and we’d love to have someone with a similar mindset. If this is a position you’re interested in, and you think you fit the bill, add me on Discord and I’ll give you an interview!

5 thoughts on “Alka Translations Is Looking For A Translator!

  1. Vecroza Denziba says:

    On first view, I thought it was telling that tsumugi route are available for download :v

    But anyway i’m always root and respect for you guys 🙂

    Keep it up

  2. mathtab says:

    hi guy , I come from china. And we have got a Chinese version of summer pockets. Why don’t you try to get some people like me to translate the Chinese version into English. I mean there are many Chinese people who have a good command of English.

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