Ao Patch Entering Testing & Editing

Hey all! Another update here. With just one more file to go, the translation patch for the Sorakado Ao route is ready to enter testing & editing, which means it should be out for the rest of you to read in the next week or two! After that, naturally, comes the Kamome route. Her route is already almost 1/4 of the way translated, from earlier work, as she was originally going to be the second route released, before we switched gears to Tsumugi.

After Kamome comes the two routes that combine to form the true route, Alka and Pocket. As you may be able to see from the progress tracker on the home page, Pocket is considerably shorter than Alka. Because of that, our plan is going to be to release them both in the same patch. So instead of three more patches for Kamome, Alka, and Pocket, it will only be two more patches, for Kamome and the True Route. We’ve appreciated your guys’ interactions and feedback on the patches so far, and we’d love if you continued to do so as we release the rest of the patches.

Thanks for listening, and the next time you hear from me, it’ll be a post that rhymes with Ow Hatch Ish Freeleeced. Or something.

6 thoughts on “Ao Patch Entering Testing & Editing

  1. Dante012 says:

    Wow, already??? Great job!
    Personally, I am not patient so I decided to use a machine translator in order to read. An experience that I really don’t advise, unless you know how to speak Google Translate xD.

    I loved Summer Pockets, but I found the stories way too classic for Key. Alka, in particular, really disappointed me in that regard… There’s not a single thing in that route that wasn’t copy-paste from another Key work!

    Aside from that, it’s probably one of the best Key VNs. I loved the mood, it’s deep, the characters are awesome, and that OST is top-level, even among Key OSTs!
    Also, it has a great producton value, way better than any other Key VNs. Little Busters had many audio issues (namely saturation when characters shout), Rewrite was missing some spirtes for important characters, and the previous VNs were pretty ugly.

    Summer Pockets has none of those issues. It’s a candy in the eye, a candy in the ears, and a candy in the heart!

  2. Ryptahi says:

    I literally can not understand how you guys are translating in this speed. When last patch was released I thought to myself it will take at least 1-3 months for next patch to be out. And here you, you guys already translated it and releasing new patch soon! That is just crazy, and really good for me!

    • Rinny says:

      When it’s something you find fun, it makes it a lot easier to crush through it. Key says Summer Pockets is coming by the end of the year. With their track record, that’s hard to believe. So we’re making sure Summer Pockets comes by the end of the year, whether it’s theirs or ours.

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