Ao Patch Released

Hey all! It’s time for Patch #3. Thanks for waiting. Sorakado Ao’s route is now ready for you all to read and indulge yourself in! If you’ve already got our patcher downloaded, just run it again with the “Translated Dialogue” and “Translated Images” boxes checked and your game should be all set to go!

As always, thanks for supporting us, let us know what you think and we’ll see you around when Kamome is ready!

18 thoughts on “Ao Patch Released

  1. Darken says:

    Have you guys found the new translator you were looking for? I’m just asking to know if you’ll actually work on a new project once Summer Pockets ends

  2. Arv says:

    Can someone give me copy gameexe.dat ? When i applied new patch (0.8), i don’t know why but the file suddenly missing so the game gave me error pop up.

      • Arv says:

        Ah thx now it’s working just fine, it seems my antivirus quarantine that file while i’m waiting the patch process to finished (and i didn’t look at it before) so i made an exception to the file and re-patch again. And thanks for translation, i have been waiting for Ao route.

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