Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: March 2021

Hello~! It’s everyone’s favorite otouto (me) here with a monthly update!

Alka’s translation smoothing is finished! Woooo! Moving on from that, Saitou has moved on to working on the “Other” category, because that means full-scale, all-out testing can start sooner. So far, our testers have been testing specific parts of the game, but the testing for this game is generally kind of a nightmare because of how piecey the files are. Like, any given file that we work on could be part of wildly different choice combinations throughout your time on this island. A lot of my favorite lines are in the “Other” section of RB, though, so I’m excited that the original content will match to those standards!

Along with the “Other” content of the game… You might notice the progress bar stop around 3,000 lines from the goal for a little bit, and that’s because the bulk of it is Shimamon content! There’s two files absolutely stacked with Shimamon content, and it’s taking Saitou a hot minute to get through it all.
Pictured: Shimamon (mostly) working

The redirect issues… Still a work-in-progress. We’ve been working on cleaning up old plug-ins on the site and looking for the root cause of it, but it’s a struggle. We’re working on it when we can, though.

Our other translator, Log, has been hard at work, too! They’ve been combing through Kamome when available. The progress bar on that may seem to have come to a halt, but that’s just because they’re on a big file right now (like the aforementioned Shimamon!).

That’s all for now!
Signing off,

Pictured: Shimamon still having a few “bugs” in the system

3 thoughts on “Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: March 2021

  1. Jake says:

    Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to read Reflection Blue in its entirety and cry a river once I’m done! Hope everyone on the team’s doing well and that you’ll treat yourselves once you’re finished.

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