Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: April 2021

Hello again, nerds, it’s me, just a log. Another month, another status update, and as we’re probably used to by now, it’s another small one. But we gotta make sure everyone knows we haven’t died and/or vanished entirely.

So a short recap, the biggest thing done this week is the start of a bit of a side, personal project done by one of our editors, Kitaro, who also happens to know Japanese! Personally, I don’t know much about Prima Dolls other than it seems like an ambitious endeavor, but hopefully it’ll be a nice ride while we get RB churned out.

Speaking of, the update on that end is even shorter, but Saito’s chipping away at the “Other” section of our content redoing and I, the man who hasn’t touched RB in like 2 months, have refocused my efforts and I’m slowly making my way through Kamome again, and I’m making this a priority of mine when I have the free time. The file I’m on is extra beefy and I’m just about done with it, so expect a nice big boost in her progress pretty soon! We greatly appreciate everyone being chill and patient with us while we juggle the ridiculousness that is life, but we’re all as passionate about seeing this through as when we began.

On that note, I think I’ll keep this post concise, because the longer I write, the less time I have to get to Kamome tonight, and I’m sure you guys would rather I get on that shit.

Until next time!


7 thoughts on “Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: April 2021

  1. Hendra Priya says:

    Keep up the good work! I have been waiting for almost a year, but i will always wait till you guys have done it. Make sure to have enough rest!

  2. terwoonwin says:

    Sorry I have the question about a sky full of star retranslation patch. Pls help TT
    Does the regular patch work with the stream version?
    If it work, could you pls tell me how to patch the game?
    I’ve followed the instruction that you wrote already,putting the file in the same directory as advhv,but It told me a sky full of the stars fine days not found
    Do I miss something TTTTTT

    • Log says:

      Hey, I think you might be confused! That patch isn’t a retranslation, it’s a complete translation of the fandisc, A Sky Full of Stars: Fine Days ( If you’ve already played the base game, I’d give it a try!

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