Angel Beats! 1st Beat Translation Complete

The words you’ve all been longing to hear since 2015 are at last in front of your eyes. With the wrapping up of the Matsushita route, our translation of Angel Beats is 100% completed. An enormous round of applause for Translator the Saitou and Log. I’ll save the sappy stuff for the release post. Now all that’s left is to continue testing & editing. The forays into the hell that is Common Route are mostly complete, however, and the character routes are much easier and better structured, so they won’t take super long. What does this mean, you ask?

May 1st is what this means. Barring any technical setbacks, the translation patch for Angel Beats will be out Friday, May 1st. Realistically, we probably won’t need that long. But I refuse to underestimate Common Route and we want the release to be as error-free as we can, so a bit of breathing room I think is in both the team’s best interest and you, the reader’s, best interest.

It’s late at night (for me and probably a majority of you aren’t even awake right now) so I’ll keep this short and cut it off here. I’ll release the May Status Report a day early at the end of April because I’m anal about consistency and I’m not about to title an article “Alka Translations May Status Report: Angel Beats Released” because that is DISGUSTING and does not follow my SELF-IMPOSED pattern. Listen, you can’t make a translation team without blowing up a few eggs. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Anyways, see you around!

13 thoughts on “Angel Beats! 1st Beat Translation Complete

  1. LB.Addiction! says:

    Hey, do you mind to put in the download section the source code of the tools you used to translate the visual novel, just like you did with Summer Pockets?

  2. Jinto says:

    Thank you for your hard work. I look forward to play another Key masterpiece that has been a few years in the waiting 😀

  3. kagurazakasenne says:

    Congratulations! Will you translate the official guide book into English? It’s quite difficult to fully unlock cgs without a guide.

  4. amado says:

    have there been any news at all that Key are still working on making the next beat/chapters for this series or are we going to have to just be satisfied for the 1st beat?

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