April Wafools! We’ve Picked Up Kud Wafter

You read that right! On April 1st, we posted a cheeky image of a Kud Wafter-ized Alka Translations logo to our Twitter account. Little did you wafools know, this was no prank.

Kud Wafter is going to be our 4th project! After the translations of Angel Beats and Reflection Blue, there will only be one single Key visual novel that hasn’t been brought to English by fans or official translators: Kud Wafter, the spin-off of Little Busters starring route heroine Noumi Kudryavka. We couldn’t just leave our favorite Tevuan gal hanging, could we? Right now, it’s a bit lower on the priority list. Translators are finishing up our current projects, and we’re still testing & editing Angel Beats. Our current course of action is finding a way to extract the scripts. Which, by the way, if any of you have experience with the RealLive Engine and the RLDev program, specifically RealLive 1.6, drop a comment on this post and let us know and we’ll get in contact with you. Getting into Kud Wafter has proven to be quite the ordeal and we haven’t quite cracked it, yet.

I’m sure one of the top questions on many of your minds is which version of Kud Wafter will we be translating? The 18+ original release, or the All Ages release?

Well, the answer is both. We’ll be translating and making separate patches for each, so you can download the one that corresponds with whichever version of Kud Wafter you have. Another thing we’re looking into figuring out how to do is making an All Ages patch. The 18+ version is far easier to acquire, and not everyone is into H-Content, so we’re gonna try and figure out a way to take the 18+ version, remove the sexual content, and replace it with the All Ages bits. This way, people who have the 18+ version can get what they want and read it in English, people who have the All Ages version can get what they want and read it in English, and people who have the 18+ version but don’t want sexual content will be able to get what they want as well, and read it in English to boot! Once we finish Angel Beats, and provided we’ve managed to extract the scripts, we’ll be doing preliminary translation work on Kud Wafter while we wait for Reflection Blue to come out, but finishing 1st Beat and attending to Reflection Blue are our top priorities right now, so don’t expect Kud Wafter until late Summer 2020 at the absolute earliest.

I’ll post a detailed roadmap of our plans in the May Status Report, with more details on all the stuff we’re doing. Until then, have a fantastic rest of your day, wherever and whenever in the world you may be!

22 thoughts on “April Wafools! We’ve Picked Up Kud Wafter

  1. Darken says:

    I’m really happy you guys are focusing on translating Key visual novels that didn’t have their chance to shine in the west. However, there is another Key VN that hasn’t been brought to English yet (actually two): Rewrite Oka-ken and Cradles Tale. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely they’ll ever be officially localized, nor there would be a fan-translation group interested in translating them.

    They’re very short lenght spin-offs and shouldn’t require much time to translate. So if you guys start wonder what to do after finishing up with Kud Wafter, I humbly ask you to consider picking up them as your future project.

  2. June says:

    The progress on Angel Beats has been significantly quick. This is a bit premature to ask, but are there plans to translate past KEY’s works? It feels like Summer Reflection would be finished well before the year ends at the current rate.

    • Rinny says:

      Well we just announced we’re picking up Kud Wafter but as for other works, they’re already out in English, so no.

      • FlippyBoat says:

        Where are Little Busters! Ex? I was searching for it about year ago, and found just a little on VN Reader. Am I right?

        • Rinny says:

          I’m not sure I understand the question. Little Busters EX already has a translation in the form of Little Busters English Edition on Steam, though to be more accurate, it’s a translation of Little Busters Perfect Edition, which is Little Busters EX without the H Content.

  3. Artless says:

    Holy shit, thats amazing! Btw I think jyuichi from project wafuu translated 30%+ of kud wafter until 2015 and I believe she was up to give to give the progress of the script to anybody who wanted to keep translating it, I guess it would be nice to have some progress already done!

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