Summer Pockets Trial Translation Released

After two months of hard work we are finally ready to release the Summer Pockets Trial English Translation. To install the patch you will need the original trial which you can download from the Summer Pockets website here:

There are some unfixable bugs with the table tennis mini game script. We hope these aren’t a bother.… READ MORE

Summer Pockets Trial Translation Status

We are almost all done with translation. The table tennis mini-game image files have been translated. The map is also done. But we are still gonna need a few more days for the quality check. That’s why we are pushing the date back to the 30th. We would rather push back the date a few days and release a polished translation than rush to release it.… READ MORE

Summer Pockets: Translation Status

Spellcheck for the first prologue script file has been completed. The second script file has been fully translated but not looked over yet.

I put some images up on the vndb page for Summer Pockets if you want to check them out.

I would also like to mention that we are translating the Ping Pong minigame, The settings, and The Records/Achievements.… READ MORE