Summer Pockets Trial Translation Status

If you have been following the page you may already know that we are releasing a patch for the trial version of Summer Pockets before we release the full patch. The release date should be on the 26th of August but it is subject to change.



Common: 5323/7619
Shiroha: 235
Ao: 256
Kamome: 539
Tsumugi: 293

13 thoughts on “Summer Pockets Trial Translation Status

  1. august99us says:

    They aren’t, but I have a fairly good idea of both mediums, rest assured. The length associated with vns is mostly why I haven’t picked up a project like this as of yet; but having been a long time fan of key’s works, this, especially, is a bit of a passion project of mine and I am fairly determined to see it through to the finish within a reasonable period of time.

    As for quality, I am both double and triple checking my translations in-game, as well as passing them through quality checks with a couple people I know where ever possible (for both tl checks and pure proofreading for flow without knowledge of the japanese). I intend to make this localization as high quality as I can, and am more than willing to put in the extra effort and hours to do so.

    Anyway, we are aiming to release a patch for the trial by the end of this week (but no guarantees ^^;), so I’d encourage you to read that and give your thoughts on the quality then. If it’s apparent that I need an editor from that, then we will definitely find one going forward (although I’d love to eventually find an editor to help out anyway, whether or not the quality is ‘good enough’).

    • Infernoplex says:

      Fair enough :thumbs_up:

      I’ll be looking forward to it then 🙂 I wish you guys luck and to persevere in the face of all difficulties. I’ll check out the trial once it comes out and give some feedback.

      Thank you for doing all of this!


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