Summer Pockets Trial Translation Status

We are almost all done with translation. The table tennis mini-game image files have been translated. The map is also done. But we are still gonna need a few more days for the quality check. That’s why we are pushing the date back to the 30th. We would rather push back the date a few days and release a polished translation than rush to release it. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.



Prologue: 7619/7619
Shiroha: 235/235
Ao: 256/256
Kamome: 539
Tsumugi: 293
Extra: 2140

One thought on “Summer Pockets Trial Translation Status

  1. exaccuss says:

    I wasn’t aware someone picked up this game. Good luck to you guys and don’t forget to take breaks so you don’t burn yourself out 😀

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