Summer Pockets Translation Status

It is almost 2019 and I haven’t posted in a month. There isn’t too much to update other than we have completed the common route, and we are now working on the start of the heroines routes because they are part of the common route map function.


Common: 15582/15582
Shiroha: 235/15497
Ao: 256/14248
Kamome: 538/14038
Tsumugi: 293/15958


Umi: 19300

True: 5949 Table Tennis/Shimamon/Other: 387/10912

21 thoughts on “Summer Pockets Translation Status

  1. HeliosAlpha says:

    So the Common route goes until August 7. At that point you are either on a route or get sent home. Is the patch gonna cover all content up to that point, or is there anything you plan on leaving for later?
    For example, Shiroha’s route technically starts on Aug 5, and there’s Common content that only unlocks after you complete a route etc.

  2. ripdog says:

    Woohoo! Excellent news as always, thanks so much for your effort.

    I haven’t been able to finish the trial due to the crash after selecting a scene from the map, but I have no issue waiting for the common route patch which will no doubt have this bug fixed. Waiting warmly!

  3. Serfo says:

    Thank you for the great work. I’m adding myself to the question above, or can you give us a release date to the common route at least?

  4. Zane says:

    How come the numbers differ from the ones posted here: “”?
    I mean the total numbers. I get that it’s a “more recent” update than on this page.

    And are you planning to release the full thing as soon as it’s done or do you plan to aim for a summer release? I don’t mind either, I guess it’s just an immersion thing for me so I got curious.

    • jansonseth says:

      We scrapped the common route plan and are now going to release a partial patch for Shiroha’s route. We don’t have any release date, but I hope around summer.

  5. Zane says:

    In good faith I’m going to hope my comment is still readable by the owners of this blog. Sorry for the otherwise double-post.

  6. Paiin9x says:

    You guys are amazing that you try to translate this VN!
    Thank you!!!
    I have a question though do you guys already decided which route you are going to translate after Shiroha?
    Tbh I mostly curious when you guys will start with Ao’s route 🙂

  7. Phước says:

    Hope that you can make a game without mount iso, will you? My pc have problems with this ~~
    Your project is amazing, i will always wait it. Thank you a lot!!!

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