Alka Translations is now on Twitter!

Hey all, just a quick little addition to our social media outreach. Constantly checking the site on your own can get tiring (I’d know, I used to do it all the time before I became a member of the team!) so we’ve gone ahead and set up a Twitter profile. Those of you who use Twitter can give us a follow and turn on notifications and you’ll be notified any time we make a post here, so instead of having to keep up checking this site, you’ll know right away when there’s news, announcements, or translation progress updates! Tweets and Direct Messages will also be read and responded to if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Here’s our new Twitter, so give us a follow and have a good rest of the day, wherever you may be!

2 thoughts on “Alka Translations is now on Twitter!

  1. hastura says:

    wonderful news. the ‘official’ translation will most likely be lackluster in comparison, i bet my silver dollar on it.

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