Summer Pockets Trial Translation Status

We are still aiming for the 26th to release this but there might be a pushback (probably only a day). All the system messages and config images have been edited. The op has also been translated and will be attached to this post.

The only images left are the table tennis and map ones. There is only one map image to my knowledge. But there are about 20 – 30 table tennis files. There is a chance we could’ve missed an image or two but they probably aren’t a huge deal.  We would find them after release and push out a patch.


Prologue: 7619/7619
Shiroha: 235
Ao: 256
Kamome: 539
Tsumugi: 293


    • Czavalak on August 23, 2018 at 2:47 am
    • Reply

    “We are still aiming for the 29th to release this ” Weren’t you guys previously targeting the 26th?

    1. That was a spelling error on my part.

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