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Hello everyone. This is turbos86, I’m the editor for this translation project. Hope you are all enjoying our release so far.

As a new group in the Visual Novel translation scene, we are always looking for ways to better improve our work and learn from our mistakes. It is our goal to bring you all an enjoyable experience.  We have so far received only a couple of comments on the quality of the translation, but have taken notes nevertheless.

Before we move on to translating the full game, we would like to hear from you. Tell us what you think of the trial release. Do you like our style of writing? Did you encounter any errors while playing? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts.

On behalf of the team, thank you for giving our patch a try!

29 thoughts on “Feedback on Trial Patch Release

  1. MP says:

    Hey Turbos and co. just wanted to stop by and give you some encouragement for your already impressive work!

    The trial is great and reads very well, there were perhaps a few grammatical errors but nothing to taint the enjoyment of the work.

    -During the welcome party for a single text box Ao has her name change back to its kanji form
    -Having Ao’s chest described as voluptuous seems out of the usual Key writing to me, I may be entirely wrong but depending on the ambiguity of the source wording I would err on the side of a more neutral term
    -I believe I noticed a few spots where the same descriptive word was used twice in a row, really the least big deal of anything here but hey!

    All that said none of this takes away from the incredible word you’ve all put out in such a short period, I was desperately hoping someone would hope on the Summer Pockets job so thank you all very much for taking the initiative!

    For the amount of content for a new team, I really didn’t notice many errors in general and certainly even less that would impact the experience. Excellent work guys!

    I look forward to the full release and following Alka in the future for all their other releases, I will be rooting for you!

  2. InsertName says:

    Hey, just started this and I want to thank you so much for working on this. I’m sure it will get an official translation one day, but I’d rather not wait 5-6 years for that to come out.

    I am noticing one small error right away that wasn’t already mentioned, and it’s a super common error I see online a lot, but the word is spelled “whoa” and not “woah”
    It is an actual word with a proper spelling, and it’s probably not a big deal to most people, but I think it seems a little more professional to spell it right.

    Again, thanks for working on this and letting us check out the trial. I’ll definitely be following your progress from hear on out!

  3. Cr4zy5ky_U says:

    I’ve just finished the trial ed and I didn’t find faults but the ones that were been already pointed out. Keep up with the good work, I’ll be rooting for you until the complete release and your next translations!

  4. Y says:

    This is not a translation issue, but the game seems to crash a lot whenever I get to a free-roaming section, might be something on my end though.

    Keep up the good work, and here I thought VN fan-translations were dead. I’ll eagerly wait the full release, and for real, thanks for the effort

  5. Zeta_BM says:

    Hey there. I wanted to thank you all by taking on the huge task of translating the big new Key game! I can tell everyone has been hard at working getting this translation done, but I want to talk about some of my gripes with the quality of the translation itself.

    It’s a very stiff and literal translation of the original script. A lot of lines just don’t flow at all. “She waved big heaves at me.” is a horrible way to express that someone waved at you.

    Another line that stood out to me was:
    Hairi: “Need help?”
    Old lady: “Sorry…”
    Hairi: “No worries.”
    It just feels badly written. A more natural way of writing this would be:
    Hairi: “Need some help?”
    Old lady: “Sorry for the trouble…”
    Hairi: “Don’t worry about it.”

    It should be the editor’s job to pick up on problems like this and fix them. If this keeps up for the full game’s translation, then a lot of people’s experiences will see themselves affected in a negative way.

    I’m not that far in the Trial, so I will most likely reply to this again with some other lines that could be improved in time for the final game’s release. I truly wish you all the best of luck, and I hope you keep in mind some of my criticisms of the translation so far.

    • Zeta_BM says:

      I finally finished the trial, and wew, did the translation’s quality go up as I went along.
      It started off very badly, but by the end, the jokes were really well translated, and the dialogue was smooth as butter.
      I want to congratulate the team on making such a great translation, even if it had a rough start.

  6. MeCke says:

    i get constant error messages of this kind, some times says “tlttlemenu” some times “tittle_hit”, it doesn’t crash they just open every 2 secs, idk if i did something wrong i tried reinstalling already

  7. MeCke says:

    i do have it, but those error windows keep poping out every 2 secs so i cant play because i have to close them everytime, the VN opens fine, the menu and few text i was able to read is in english but the error windows makes it unplayable, im not complaining i just want you to know about it, maybe the problem is my pc idk

  8. Isaac says:

    Can I know when you guys will released full English patches? And congratulations for released trial patches, honestly it’s really great games and I can’t wait to play for full patch.

  9. Quack Senpai says:

    Thank you Alka translations for the english patch!
    I finished the demo and I had a fun ride. Besides of the faults pointed in the previous comments I think the translation is pretty good.
    I really appreciate the team’s hard work on making the tl of SP a reality.
    Looking forward for future releases of the tl!

  10. BottledWater says:

    Hello, thank you for translating this VN. I was really looking forward to reading it as soon as I heard of it. I enjoyed the trial version a lot! It think it was done really well, and I guess the only small draw back is that sometimes there are too many commas in a sentence, but its nothing major. I am looking forward to the fully translated version! Keep up the great work!

  11. ikki says:

    I’ve just finished reading the trial ver. of the game.
    It was quite enjoyable and I haven’t noticed any mistakes(though it might be because my english is far from being perfect:) ). Anyway I’ll be waiting for the translation of full ver, good luck with it.

  12. Wilq says:

    First, I would like to thank you for contributing your time to make this translation. I also hope that I helped at least one person by showing where patch should be installed in the previous post.

    I won’t be much help when it comes to the bug-finding, even as I work as QA, since I finished trial version couple weeks ago and I simply don’t remember all of them. I remember that Ao’s name was not translated in one of the dialogues and random crashes occurring on map (they happen when you load from autosave on this day and skip straight to it and if you have saved the game when you were on the map screen).

    I also have a question since I am actually learning Japanese at this moment and I thought about reading one of the VN in Japanese. How difficult was the translation of the text?

    • august99us says:

      It’s not the most difficult of texts, but definitely not the easiest either. Generally fairly everyday language, with a couple more descriptive phrases here and there.

  13. raxarox says:

    i really liked The translation, i ddidn’t find any mistakes worth mentioning (in my opinion). Question, i can play it in japanese by hooking the text and using jparser to translate, I’ve been doing it for a while but It seems I’m unable to hook some text like we shimamon explanation and the achievements thing, so if I were to wait for the full translation, assuming everything goes well, when could I get to play it? is it worth to wait or should I just play in Japanese for the story? I will take any opinions

  14. edtheiii says:

    Hi! I just wanted to thank you for the hard work. I’ve been really excited about this game since the announcement and upon starting the trial, I am extremely impressed by the quality of the work. I’m definitely not a translation expert, but I’ve read plenty of Web Novels and fan-translated works and this is super top-tier. Getting to read/play the trial version in not only English, but good quality English, is not something I expected to get a hold of so soon.

  15. Linollieum says:

    I finally got past the Japan only message to play the trial and the translation was great so far.

    It seems like there are a lot more snooty detractors when it comes to translations than I expected. I can’t read Japanese so even if it occasionally says something like “she span about”, I can understand the intention of the sentence, as the errors are very minor when there are any. It’s way better to play it with the occasional odd word choice than not at all.

    I absolutely loved Rewrite and have played old key vns but have been incredibly excited for summer pockets and had been hoping it would be sooner than years before I could play it. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the projects completion.

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