Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: November 2021

Hello once more, everyone! Saito here, with your (fairly brief) monthly status update!

Long story short, it’s been another pretty slow month at Alka. I’ve been too slammed with the ever-fearsome burdens of real life to get much of any work done on Kud, personally, but I’m hoping that’ll be a little less intense moving into November! I’ll be keeping the progress tracker updated as I work through the ported 18+ lines, as always, so you’ll know the moment I’m able to dive back it.

Work’s been fairly slow on the RB side of things as well, but we have made progress! Bazett is off to a good start on Tsumugi, for one thing—the early stages of that work have taken some time as Baz and Log get a system sorted, but I get the impression it’s all going smoothly and you should see more progress there in the upcoming weeks! We’re doing our best to get this game polished off in spite of our nightmare schedules, and we appreciate everyone’s patience, as always.

There’s one more tidbit of info regarding our progress on RB, though: as of last week, all portions of the game other than Tsumugi have been tested! This means that there’ll be relatively little testing/polish work to do once Tsumugi’s TL smoothing’s done with, so the turnaround between then and release should hopefully be pretty snappy. I’m not going to make any definite promises or lay out a timeline, as always (if there’s one thing this past year has proven, it’s that the real world can always find a way to slow things down), but still, there’s very good reason to be optimistic on that front! We’re all just as excited to get this patch to you as you are to play it, so I assure you we’ll be doing everything we can to make it happen as soon as possible!

That’s all I have to say for now—I’m making it my personal goal to make enough progress in Kud this month to have more substantial and specific news to talk about come December! Thanks for reading, and see you then!

9 thoughts on “Alka Translations Monthly Status Report: November 2021

  1. Koumori says:

    Someone told me that I won’t be able to make use of the Kud Wafter English patch because I’ve got the PS Vita version of the game. Is that true?

  2. MitsuhashiIcy says:

    Oh boy, genuinely can’t wait for the Reflection Blue patch, I’ve been dying to read RB, especially after all the events that happened here. I know you guys have your own problems too, but I know you’ll overcome ’em, good luck!

  3. Bear says:

    SAAMEEE CAN’T WAIT FOR THE GAMEEESS I love the remake since Key won’t take it to the West we gotta count on fans to make the EN translation

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