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This Guide was provided by Rinny, so all props to them.

Summer Pockets is mostly a story with inconsequential choices. In this guide, I have marked choices that are recommended, possibly required, with an asterisk. Any other choices, you are free to pick whatever you want. For the purposes of this guide, I’ll have different choices each route just for the sake of experiencing more of the Common route, with certain choices catered towards the heroine of the respective route, but again, unless marked with an asterisk, it can be whatever you want. However, following this guide may be in your best interest, as not every Map Event leads to a heroine, and not all of the miscellaneous Map Events are translated, and this guide will take you through ones that are.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon starting a second playthrough, whether it’s to do a heroine route all over again, do side content, or begin another heroine route, there will be choices not contained in this guide. For the sake of developing this guide in tandem with patch releases, these choices will not be included in the first route, but will be included in subsequent routes for consistency purposes.


July 25th

  • An injured migratory bird
  • Katsudon
  • Introduce myself
  • The smell of  first love

July 26th

  • Kyouko-san
  • A fleeting summer romance
  • The water polo club

July 27th

  • Write a song
  • Try moonwalking

July 28th

  • Around 45
  • About the shaved ice…
  • Could you smack me with a bowl of shaved ice please?
  • Enter without putting it on

July 29th

  • [MAP] Shiroha*
  • Follow her*
  • [MAP] Shiroha*

July 30th

  • [MAP] Shiroha*
  • [MAP] Shiroha*

July 31st

  • [MAP] Shiroha*
  • Eat it
  • [MAP] Shiroha*

August 1st

  • [MAP] Shiroha*
  • [MAP] Shiroha*
  • Stare at her
  • Stare at her more
  • Continue staring at her

August 2nd

  • [MAP] Sweets Shop
  • A Sea-Moonkey, please
  • [MAP] Shiroha*

August 3rd

  • [MAP] Shiroha*
  • [MAP] Shrine
  • 10 yen
  • Give it a try

August 4th

  • [MAP] Sweets Shop
  • The most expensive thing in this store
  • [MAP] Shiroha

August 6th

  • Rifle [You can pick any, they’re all hilarious]

August 7th (This selection of choices will net you an extra CG)

  • [MAP] Umi
  • Take it
  • [MAP] Kyouko
  • Take it
  • [MAP] Harbor
  • Take them

August 12th

  • The Goggles of Love

August 15th

  • [MAP] Pick them all one by one, you have to pick them all eventually

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